The long, strange trip continues...

An amazing, evolving re-creation of the GRATEFUL DEAD experience

We're grateful to Dave A'Bear for joining us last weekend!

Cubensis Schedule
"Lord, the band kept us so busy, we forgot about the time..."
WTFB (As in WTF did I just see??? An amazing band!)
Fri Sept 19 - Golden Sails, Long Beach with WTFB 9pm $15
WTFB - Playing a ridiculous set of music from the likes of Yes, ELP, Zappa, 70s-era Genesis, Led Zep, and who knows what else....
Featuring former (and current) members of Cubensis, Mr. Ectomy, Electric Blue and RTA
Thurs 9/25 - Gaslamp Restaurant & Bar 7:30pm early show $10
6251 PCH, Long Beach. Have dinner at the Gaslamp with Cubensis!
Located at Loynes & PCH, next door to the Golden Sails
(No show at the Golden Sails on Fri 9/26)
Sat 9/27 - Winston's, Ocean Beach, performing Wake of the Flood and more 10pm $10
Just announced for October
Nate & Craig opening for Melvin Seals and JGB at the Mint Thurs Oct 2, 9pm
Special $5 off presale tickets CLICK HERE use promo code "Dead Duo" at checkout
Buy now at $15 or pay $23 at the door!
The Higgs with Cubensis at the Golden Sails Fri Oct 3, 9pm $15
Nate & Craig acoustic Dead at the Salvage Bar, Los Angeles Sun Oct 5, 4pm free
Katy Jo Watson & Alex Vo with Cubensis at Golden Sails, Long Beach Fri Oct 10, 9:30pm
Lighthouse Cafe 4pm Sat Oct 11 $5
Grampas Grass with Cubensis at the Golden Sails Fri Oct 17, 9pm $15
Two shows with Moonalice
Halloween Costume Ball with Moonalice
Golden Sails, Long Beach Fri Oct 31
The only performance of our "mystery album"
SOHO Santa Barbara with Moonalice Sat Nov 1, 9pm $15
(psychedelic roots-rock)
NEW YEARS EVE at the GOLDEN SAILS Crystal Ballroom
with very special guests Quactus
Make your room reservations now!

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Facebook comments:
"I strongly encourage folk to check out "Cubensis"...fine musicians, good people, and one of the best Dead tribute bands
on the scene. Jerry was a good friend of mine...he would be proud of these guys." - Pete Sears, Moonalice
"When Jerry died, I stopped listening to music.
Cubensis brought me back, not from the Dead, but to the Dead."
"Come out and experience the band's forte, which lies in its faithful rendering of Grateful Dead material,
both originals and covers, and the Grateful Dead's trademark style of improvisation."
"Thank you so much for an AMAZING show last night! There were some really creative and super funky
new jams like I've never heard before. That Loose Lucy bordered on the surreal!  The energy, cohesiveness,
and exciting sense of musical adventure was just brimming over, and to me is what sets you apart from all the rest.”
"Saturday's Lighthouse show was amazing!! A killer show to the 10th power! Wow, a grate set list and the Boys were on Fire...
the riffs between Craig & Nate were electrifying! The place was packed to the gills.. I am almost surprised we didn't get
shut down..!! it was impossible to move in there...The nice part was all the wonderful people there made
it easy and comfortable to get along with no hassles... we are truly a blessed phamily!"
“I'll be honest with you: I have never been a Deadhead. I have never even considered being a Deadhead.
I never understood the Deadhead phenomenon. I can't imagine why anyone would still be a Deadhead
 years after the band stopped being a band. And yet, I enjoyed the scene at Cubensis.
The music was great and the crowd was mellow. People danced together,
and they danced didn't matter. All that mattered was the music.”
Drummer STEVE HARRIS continues his battle with cancer and will be joining
the band whenever his health allows. Please hold him up in love, prayer and positive thoughts.

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Cubensis - Stealing your face since 1987!
Cubensis salutes our audio archivist WAYNE STIELAU, who
has recorded over 700 live Cubensis shows.
Since 1987, Cubensis has played over 3800 shows...and counting!

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view from behind stage, Lighthouse Cafe, Hermosa Beach - photo by David Gans

The live music archive at, now's the time to check out this incredible resource
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Available immediately are more than 350 splendid Cubensis shows. Listen to individual songs, or stream the entire show.
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(Thanks to audio archivist WAYNE STIELAU for diligent taping and making these shows available)

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The whole crew L to R - Johnny Murchison (sound), Larry Ryan, Nate LaPointe,
Steve Harris, Cece Sherman, Ed Fletcher, Craig Marshall, Tom Ryan

Cubensis headlines the House of Blues

Crowd shot from the stage, House of Blues Anaheim

Group shot Dec 2013 - Band and crew


"Some ask, why play Grateful Dead music??
For those that know, no answer is necessary,
For those that don't, no answer is possible."


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CUBENSIS celebrates 27 years of love, music and Deadication!


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"Cubensis plays with the same laid-back mastery as the Real McCoy" - LA WEEKLY.

Cubensis celebrates the Grateful Dead concert experience.
Like the Dead, the band plays a wondrous amalgam of blues, country, jazz, electronic and rock and roll, all in the space of about three hours
on stage. No two shows are alike. As with all improvisational jambands, every Cubensis performance is an ongoing experiment.
All eras of the Dead are represented, plus selections from the Jerry Garcia Band. Truly, there is nothing like a Cubensis show!!


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© Darrin Brenner-Rolat.

For "help on the way," Cubensis salutes our Deadicated and hardworking crew:
merch lady B.J. Kovach, soundman John Murchison, audio archivist Wayne Stielau,
videographer Tibor "Grunzy" Grunsfeld, road dog John Cripe  plus
countless crew/volunteers/friends over the years. Special thanks to our gifted graphic artist Darrin Brenner.
As always, ultimate props to all the members of the Grateful Dead.

Cubensis commentary: The band plays weekly shows that are sometimes only marginally profitable,
all because we believe in the "community" of Deadheads and getting together regularly.
Please support these shows with your faithful attendance whenever you can!


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